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Be Happy Now:

Finding Joy in Every Day

Course Description:


In this eight week course, you will engage in a series of practices designed to improve your overall happiness and joy through an approach we call: The Be Happy Now Framework©

With each of the 8 modules, we will provide the science behind what truly improves your day-to-day happiness, and lead you through practical exercises and methods so that you can both, be happy now and create the habits that result in lasting happiness and joy.

This Course Includes:


  • A Pre-course Assessment


  • Course Introduction


  • 8 Downloadable modules covering each the key habits of the Be Happy Now Framework©

  • The companion Be Happy Now Ebook Curriculum Guide


  • A Post-course assessment

  • A Success Tracking Guide to record observations and progress


  • Recorded mindful practices that you can listen to or view at any time. 


  • A Private Facebook community to connect, share, and grow with


  • 4 Live Q & A calls to answer any questions or concerns you may have



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