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Meet Lisa & Brad


Married 40+ years, from the moment we met we have always shared a desire to be our best selves, a passion for learning, and an overall love of life. Very early on we believed in finding joy in the journey. 


More recently, we have expanded that passion for learning, and love of life with a deeper dive into the study of mindfulness and the science of happiness and well-being. In that study we have found our passion and our calling. 


Our knowledge roots are grounded in the scientific studies of Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) practiced in 100's of hospitals around the world, University of Yale's program, The Science of Well-Being, and yogic philosophy. These have helped create, for us, the perfect blend of heart and science.


Other sources of study and inspiration include, but not limited to, the research of:  Sonya Lyubomirsky Ph.D, author of The How of Happiness, Harvard professor Tal Ben-Shahar Ph.D, author Happier, Saki Santorelli Ed.D author of Heal They Self,  Steve Flowers, MFT and Bob Stahl Ph.D, co-authors Living with Your Heart Wide Open.

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