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Mindful Living Today 

 Group Book Writing Project

Project Summary


We are looking for 20 individuals who would like to relate a story of how mindfulness had a positive impact on their lives.  We will then take each of these narratives and assemble them into a book that will be sold for charity. We intend to publish on Amazon and offer both paperback and Kindle versions.




We will offer initial Q&A, coaching, and outlining sessions starting in mid March.


Individual contributors will aim to have a story description submitted by early April, a first draft completed by late May. We will then edit and create second and final drafts in June and July.  


We will assemble, format, and market the book in August with an aim of publishing in mid September, celebrating the one-year anniversary of the Mindfulness Living Today Facebook Group.


Individual Contribution


Each writer will be asked to submit a first person narrative that describes how one aspect of mindfulness made a positive change in their life. The story can be per pound or very simple and insightful.  We will be providing coaching on how to structure and organize your story, if needed.

We ask that each submission be 2500 words. This allows sufficient opportunity to provide a meaningful narrative that will keep the reader engaged and it is not so long that is burdensome on you the author.



As indicted above, 3 group coaching sessions will be provided at critical times throughout the project to assure that each contributor receives the support needed to produce their best effort. Coordinators Lisa, Brad and Tom will be available for follow up Q & A, for those needing a little more clarification.


Tentative Sections and Themes


For the purposes of this book is to explore the magic of mindfulness, and the power it has to transform, enlighten and calm. The following topics or themes are all suitable for an inspiring and uplifting story and may prompt you to remember something that is meaningful to you. We are not limited to these themes, so please feel free to suggest something else. At the same time, we are trying to stay within the realm of mindfulness.


  1. Social connection

  2. Meditation 

  3. Savoring

  4. Affirmations.

  5. Movement

  6. Gratitude

  7. Experiencing nature


Targeted Charity


There will be a $100 donation to participate in this project.  This donation will help cover any cost in publishing and marketing the launch of this book.  All proceeds from book sales will be going to the non-profit organization Holistic Life Foundation.  (Note: if this fee feels prohibitive, please let us know. We value your participation and will work with you to allow for your participation)

They are dedicated to teaching mindfulness to kids. While there are many worthy charities and non-profit organizations, we are uniquely intrigued by their vision and mission and its alignment with what our group is all about. 

Just imagine your life today if you had learned mindfulness as a child?

You can see all that Holistic Life Foundation is involved with and where they are active at the following link.


Throughout the first six months of Mindful Living Today, we were so happy to see your amazing insights and loving support for others..  It's our hope and belief that community members will continue inspiring each other, deepening commitments to live in the moment, free (at least for a short while) from the distractions of past and future thoughts and worries.   Your story will help continue that mission.


We welcome all who feel they would like to participate, regardless of writing ability. We are certain that you have something very valuable to share with the world. 


Further, if you know someone else whose life has been positively impacted by mindfulness, please invite them to join our group and then have them ellect to collaborate with us on this book project.

I am interested in participating

Thanks! We will be in touch with updates and next steps, very soon

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