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Need to get a handle on your chaotic schedule?  Have a goal you want to achieve but just can't seem to make it happen?  A List is Not Enough: A Modern Woman's Guide to Better Goal Setting, Time Management and Productivity brings mindfulness to your efforts helping you to zero in on what is really important in life, and then making it happen.


Chock full of easy to apply tools, worksheets, troubleshooting sections and more, this is a must read for anyone looking to accomplish 'that' goal. 


*An Amazon Top 10 Hot New Releases: Time Management category

A List is Not Enough: A Modern Woman's Guide to Better Goal Setting...

  • Making the process of time management understandable and implementable, this book is a great gift idea or perfect for anyone struggling with an overwhelming schedule, a neverending To Do list, or an inability to make their goals happen.  

    A comprehensive guide to goal setting and goal achieving, and all the steps, detours, awakenings and life lessons in between. This book is for people who truly want to find and fulfill their life goals and have fun along the way. ~ Barbara Wilder, author.

    245 pages, with a wide variety of charts, worksheets and reflection prompts.  

    Price includes tax, shipping, and handling

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